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March of the Living rejects ‘legalized hate’

Nuremberg Laws have contemporary legal implications for state-sponsored terror today in Iran, Darfur, Rwanda, Yugoslavia and Syria. On Tuesday, February 28th, the Holocaust educational program International March of the Living co-sponsored a Holocaust Educational Symposium on the Nuremberg Laws and the Nuremberg Trials, held at

Wrongful Accusations of Apartheid

It’s an old game: blame the innocent and make the innocent look guilty. What Israel built was not a border, but a barrier against death and destruction. What Israel built was protection, not apartheid. The separation wall between North and South Korea is armed and

10 Years and Counting: The “Roadmap” for Peace

Global anti-Israel bias is the big impediment for peace. November 19th, 2003 marked the 10 year anniversary of the unanimous adoption by the UN Security Council of the “Roadmap” for Mideast peace. A decade later, lasting peace remains elusive as world leaders continue to misassign