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The challenge of seeking the unity of the Jewish people

It is evident that all sides have their qualms and issues with others, so we should constantly remind ourselves that what unites us should be far greater than that which divides us. The Jerusalem Talmud describes the Jewish people as a body. As with all

Rebranding Zionism: Israel and Judaism are inseparable

In 1985, Richard Heideman and his wife, Phyllis, left their three young children to travel halfway around the world as delegates for B’nai B’rith International at the United Nations World Conference on Women in Nairobi. During this chaotic event, the Heidemans, along with other delegates


Richard D. Heideman, one of the foremost legal experts on fighting the BDS movement, seeks to repair the tarnished name of Zionism. By Tamara Zieve – The impact of the Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions movement against Israel on US campuses is worse than most people

The Hijacking of Apartheid

The Palestinians and her supporters have blindly but broadly attempted to brand Israel as a racist criminal state. In remembering Nelson Mandela, we most recall his determined leadership in bringing down apartheid – the separation of races – in South Africa. His passing after a