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President of American Zionist Movement says that the UNESCO Resolution on Jerusalem rejects history and undermines international community’s oft-stated commitment to a peaceful solution to conflict

The President of the American Zionist Movement Richard D. Heideman, in Jerusalem on Israel’s Independence Day, has condemned the passing of a UNESCO resolution which attacks Israel in the harshest terms, stating that all measures taken by the Jewish State in its capital are “illegal” and “null and void.” The resolution was submitted by Arab states Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Qatar and Sudan.

“The UNESCO Resolution regarding Jerusalem today rejects history and undermines the international community’s stated commitment to achieving a negotiated two-state solution with secure borders,” said Heideman, a Washington-based lawyer who has successfully represented victims of terror against Libya, Syria and Iran, among others. “By claiming that Israel has no jurisdiction over any part of Jerusalem, countries who supported this resolution have adopted the rejectionist and maximalist position of Hamas and other extremist and terrorist groups. International institutions like UNESCO are wrongfully working to erase Jewish history and the inalienable rights of the Jewish people to their ancient national homeland in a form of cultural imperialism which is anti-Semitic by any definition of the term. We call on all people of good will who believe in equality for Jewish self-determination and indigeneity, as envisioned by Zionism, to unequivocally reject this resolution and call on the United Nations Secretary General to make good on his promise to reign in the anti-Israel bias that for decades has plagued the United Nations and consign this resolution to the junk heap as he did with the ESCWA report.”
“The symbolism of passing this immoral and ahistorical resolution on Israel’s Independence Day belies any pretense that UNESCO member nations are impartial and seek any solution to the conflict that recognizes Jewish legal, historic or indigenous rights in the Land of Israel.”
The American Zionist Movement is a federation of 25 American Zionist organizations and youth groups.